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On the BBQ


Your choice of Kebab/Homemade burger/Sausage/Lamb Kofta served with Coleslaw or Salad & Fresh bread rolls


Traditional Aussie BBQ: Gourmet Sausages & Homemade Burgers served with Tomato Relish, Coleslaw, Salad and Fresh Bread Rolls .


Eye Fillet Steak & Thai Marinated Chicken Breast served with Fresh Bread Rolls & Meditteranean Salad.


Cooked Prawns served with Seafood sauce & BBQ Ocean Trout Fillets served with Fresh Bread Rolls and Meditteranean Salad.


Seafood Platter: Natural Oysters with Lemon, Cooked Prawns, Smoked Salmon & Ocean Trout fillets served with Fresh Bread Rolls and Meditteranean Salad.


Prawn Platters $12.00 per person Your choice of Green Prawns marinated & bbq’d in coriander, cumin & lime, or Tiger prawns served with seafood sauce.

Kebab platters $12.00 per person A range of marinated chicken, lamb and beef kebabs cooked fresh on the bbq.

Antipasto Platters $150.00 Suitable for groups of over 10 people          cold meats, olives, cheeses, dips, pate & antipasto.

Smoked Salmon Platters $100.00 sliced with capers, lemon wedges and horseradish cream.

Charcuterie platter $20.00 per person country style pork terrine, saucisson,, ham serrano, cornichons.

Platters of Sandwiches and Wraps $15.00 per person

These can include: Roasted chicken breast with avocado and coleslaw baguette ; Smoked salmon, capers and goats cheese baguette; Saucisson (salami) & cornichonbaguette,  Ham and cheese baguette,Tandoori Chicken wrap, Pesto Chicken wrap.

Sweet Bite $4.00 each

Caneles de Bordeaux  Specialty from Bordeaux, vanilla infused custard enclosed in a caramelised shell

Birthday Cakes $15.00 (chocolate mudcake with ‘Happy Birthday’ iced on top)

Cheese/Fruit Platters $10.00 per person

Sushi Platters & Rice Paper Roll Platters also available, price upon request.

*Menus can be mixed* *Special dietary requirements can be catered for upon request*