Boat Birthday Party


So you’ve got a special day coming up, and you’re probably thinking of ways to mark the occasion. Birthdays are a time for celebration, bringing family and friends closer together. But, most of us are at a point where a cake with candles and silly hats just aren’t enough anymore.

The good kind of birthday parties generally take place in a special venue. And we’re here to tell you that the best kind of birthday parties take place on a luxury boat. So whether you’re throwing it for yourself, or planning a surprise birthday party for a loved one, Champagne Sailing got you covered.

Boat Birthday Party with Champagne Sailing

Why You Should Have a Boat Birthday Party on Sydney Harbour

1. Make It More Memorable

You may forget your typical birthday parties, but with a special boat party, that’s never going to happen. In fact, the entire event won’t just stick to the memories of the person whose birthday it is, but every single one of the guests will talk about it for years.

2. Sights Like None Other

It’s virtually impossible to beat the incredible sights that a cruise on the Sydney Harbour can offer. We mean, what venue can compete with the amazing views of the Opera House, Bridge, hidden bays, and just the pleasant sight of the blue waters.

3. Complete Privacy

If you book with us, we can offer you and your guests complete privacy, and guarantee nobody’s going to take a peek at the fun. If you celebrate at a restaurant or bar, you are sharing the space with other guests constantly looking over at what that big group is doing. With a birthday party cruise, it’s just you and the party people.

4. Convenience

Just book the day or night, and tell your guests where and when to show up for a cruise on Sydney harbour. It’s all you have to do. No more hassle with what foods and drinks to serve, or worrying about decorations and entertainment.

5. It Screams Luxury

Ever wanted to see how the other side lives? Well, now you can. Yacht parties are completely accessible thanks to our highly competitive rates, and you can enjoy a luxurious night or day on the harbour without worrying about going bankrupt in the process.

In fact, you are the one controlling the budget. We won’t come in with hidden fees or push you to buy any service you don’t want.

6. Special Themes

If you want to make the party even more fun, why not try a theme? Champagne Sailing can help you plan the best theme party, and if you’re stumped for ideas we can share some of ours. It’s really an offer you can’t refuse.

Champagne Sailing Sydney

Champagne Sailing knows exactly what a good party needs. Instead of worrying about it yourself, our staff will take care of the entire process, from A to Z. All you have to do is give us a call, and tell us what you want.

Our charter boats can fit even larger groups to up to 43 people, so you don’t have to worry about any of your friends getting left behind from the fun. Depending on the package you choose or the type of party you want, we can even provide food and drinks for the entire event, DJ setup, and more!

Plus, if you’re looking for something extra, take advantage of our whale watching packages, which includes a 3-hour cruise, water, and a light lunch. This one’s perfect, especially if you want to party with a smaller group.

We also offer services for Christmas parties, buck and hen parties, and a wide range of occasions you want to be celebrated in style!

Start Planning Your Party Now!

Your birthday should go out with a bang. Treat yourself and your friends and family to a special day or night on the Sydney Harbour and book a private charter with Champagne Sailing right now! We’ll take care of everything your party needs and guarantee a roaring success, all you have to do is call for a boat hire.