Buck’s Party Cruise Sydney

Enter the World of the Best Buck Party Cruises in Sydney!

A buck’s party is a rite of passage, and the source of decades of crazy stories to reminisce about when you’re old. There is just no other way to go about them than to create the most epic night of fun and excitement. How, you ask?

With the fantastic Buck’s Party Cruise services by Champagne Sailing! We take the partying on a boat trope to a whole different level, and we’ll make sure your party is the greatest buck’s party cruise in Sydney.

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What We Offer

Guys, let’s sit for a moment. You’ve been asked to organize one of the most important events in your friend’s life before he goes off to marry his sweetheart and begin a new journey. It’s time to say a proper farewell to his former self, but with a BANG.

So what do you do? Do you just plan a night out to a local bar and hope for the best? No, you contact Champagne Sailing and book a wild event to make sure the groom to be will be all smiles all night long.

Champagne Sailing offers some of the best cruise packages in Sydney. We’ll bend over backward to make sure your mate’s buck party will be memorable for all guests, especially the groom to be.

Here’s what we offer:

  • An awesome fleet of luxury catamarans for up to 20 people for the party;
  • An experienced staff that can help you out with the entertainment part of the party, if you’re stuck for ideas;
  • Great buck’s cruise packages fit for all budgets;
  • Catered or self-catered parties, depending on your preferences;
  • Fantastic food and drinks all night long.

So, are you rethinking that pub-crawl now? Great, give us a call and let’s plan the best cruise party in Sydney harbor!

Champagne Sailing Sydney - Buck’s Party Cruise SydneyChampagne Sailing Sydney - Buck’s Party Cruise Sydney

Why Choose Us

Organizing this event isn’t easy. You have to think of food, drinks, how many people will attend, what the agenda should be, and the list can go on. Why should you have to worry about all of this?

Let us do the heavy lifting for you, and think of all the logistics of the party. You just make sure the groom to be is there and ready to party.

The Champagne Sailing team has years of experience in the business, and we’ve managed to stay on top because we are professional, trustworthy, and we know how to party. Plus, we love challenges, so even if you come to us with a crazy party idea, we’ll do whatever we can to bring it to life.

Here’s why we should organize your bucks party:

  • We’re party people ourselves;
  • We’ll work with you to make sure you’re happy with the results;
  • Our party planning team is always ready to pull a few creative tricks out of their hats, so if you’re stumped for ideas, they’re here to help;
  • We are discreet and private; we won’t discuss the details of your party with anyone.
Champagne Sailing Sydney - Buck’s Party Cruise Sydney

What Are You Waiting for?

Don’t waste any more time and take the first step of ensuring your mate enjoys one of the most amazing parties of his life! Contact Champagne Sailing now!



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