Sailing For Beginners – How To Get Started


Sailing For Beginners - How To Get Started

Sailing is a whole lot of fun. It can be relaxing, exciting, and rewarding – sometimes all at the same time! If you’re interested in learning how to sail, though, you might be intimidated.

It’s true, there is a lot you’ll have to learn before you’ll be able to sail a boat in open water, and perform any kind of common sailing maneuver.

But you don’t have to be intimidated! In this article, Champagne Sailing will discuss sailing for beginners tips, and how you can learn good sailing techniques – without getting knocked over the edge of the boat by a boom!

  1. Learn Basic Sailing Terms And Boat Anatomy

You’ll need to learn the basics of sail terminology and important sailing terms before you can even set foot on a sailboat.

Even things like the side of the boat have special names, for example – “port” is left, and “starboard” is right. Every single part of the boat has a name – from the boom, to the sail, rudder, forecastle, bow, stern… you get the picture.

Until you understand how boats are built, and the basic terms used when referencing parts of a boat, it will be very hard for you to learn. Check out this article to learn more, and see some of the basic terms you should know!

  1. Don’t Boat Alone

Once you’re familiar with boating terms and boat anatomy, it’s time to get out on the water. But don’t go alone – no matter how much you’ve studied.

If you’ve never sailed before, it’s going to be hard for you to understand how the wind and water react with your boat, and how you can sail safely. Bring an experienced friend along – and consider simply watching them as they steer the boat, and explain what they are doing.

  1. Get Started With Basic Sailing Techniques

There’s no need for you to try advanced sailing maneuvers the first few times you’re out on the water. Instead, focus on the basics (as outlined in this article from Thought Co) such as positioning the boat with the rudder, assessing wind direction, steering the sailboat, and trimming the mainsail.

Once you’ve mastered basic steering and boat management techniques, you can move on more advanced sailing maneuvers like trimming and adjusting the jib, and adjusting the halyard.

Again, this is a good reason to boat with a partner or a friend. You can handle basic tasks and observe them as they do more advanced sailing techniques. This lets you get experience and learn – at the same time!

Start Sailing Today!

Learning how to sail is a long process, but it’s well-worth it. It’s like riding a bike! Once you’ve learned how, you’ll never forget – and it will become instinctual. So get started today, call Champagne Sailing Sydney on 0419 423 178!