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A regatta is an entertaining and efficient way to inculcate team spirit in your workforce. If you are looking for an organised and extremely fun team building regatta in Sydney, look no further than Champagne Sailing.

Our sailing events take place in the beautiful waters of the Sydney Harbour. No experience is necessary to participate in the event.

Boost New Energy and Confidence in your Team

As an experienced team building regatta organiser in Sydney, we design yacht races that bring the best out of your team. The fun and exhilaration of the sport help infuse new energy into your team.

Group members develop new skills to meet the challenge facing them, successfully. This cultivates an attitude of constant learning and increases self-confidence. Participating in the event is an exercise for the mind and the body, and serves as a great stressbuster.

The entire self-development happens in a relaxing, beautiful and fun environment, which adds to the attraction.

Yacht & Catamaran Hire Sydney

Being on a yacht or catamaran with a group develops bond among team members, facilitates communication, and inspires every member to work unitedly towards a goal, all of which are essential in a corporate setting for consistent success.

Our corporate sailing events last for 3 hours, which is time enough to get people lose their initial awkwardness and differences. Team members share their skills and knowledge and learn to work towards a common goal with a sharp focus and positive attitude.

Races and time settings are designed to be exciting and adrenaline-pumping. A common goal between teams develops healthy competitiveness.

Experience an Exciting Day For Team Building

Adding to the excitement of the winning team is the prize awaiting it – a Champagne presentation!

The entire event package is designed to be affordable for you. Choose an event that best fits your budget. We have customised packages for large and small groups.

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Build your corporate brand image with our regatta events! Call us at 0419 423 178 for more details or to book one of our sailing corporate packages for your next team building event.

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