Whale Watching Sydney – sail with the whales!!


After purchasing the Queen of our fleet ‘Champagne Sailing’ late last year, we were excited to get her going offshore during the Winter months when the Humpback whales are migrating North to the warmer waters of the Coral Sea to have their babies. On the way North they hang out in the Inshore Northern Current which is usually found within 3 nautical miles off the Sydney Coast. This means from May to August annually, there are heaps of Humpback Whales just outside of Sydney Heads, and often popping into the Harbour to say hello. Whale watching Sydney was an experience we were so excited to bring to our customers – seeing whales in their natural habitat is such an amazing once in a lifetime experience!!

After making a few adjustments to ‘Champagne Sailing’ and getting all her safety gear up to date, we received our offshore Certificate of Operation and have been offering daily whale watching sydney trips, mostly departing from Manly Wharf. From Manly it is just a short 20 min ride out of the Heads, past the amazing sandstone cliffs and into the open Ocean. During every trip we have been lucky enough to see whales pretty much as soon as we get out into the Ocean. The first gasp of delight from our clients as they see a whale spouting from its blowhole (check out https://www.whalesforever.com/whales-blowholes.html to see why they do this and what comes out of the blowhole – it’s fascinating!) or flapping its tail normally signifies that whales are in the area. It’s then just a matter of keeping your eyes on the water and trying to guess where they will surface! There are so many around at the moment that it’s not hard to find them. Our whale watching sydney tours are priced at $79.00 for adults/ $49.00 kids, or you and a group of up to 12 can hire the whole boat for $900.00. Whale watching Sydney trips normally last around 2.5 – 3 hours, with plenty of photo opportunities and a light lunch provided. Check out some photos below and Book now :